02 July 2016

Jordan honored by Hal Leonard

Jordan Officer, guitar player with his own distinct trademark sound, has been honored by a recent publication by Hal Leonard. The biggest publisher of guitar methods and sheet music has included Jordan Officer in “The Great jazz Guitarists” by Scott Yanow.
19 October 2015

Blue Skies : New album

Nov 6th Jordan Officer launches Blue Skies, a collection of Jordan Officer originals as well as songs that have had a special place in Jordan’s life. These songs, originally performed or written by artists ranging from Big Joe Turner and Louis Armstrong to modern greats such as Tom Waits and Bob Dylan are transformed and delivered in Jordan's elegant, blues style. The virtuosity and intensity that were present in Jordan Officer's previous album I'm Free are still very much there but so is the more minimalist tasteful approach that Jordan has been known for in his previous projects, and that earned him a place among the 342 'Great Jazz Guitarists' in the recent book by Scott Yanow, published by Hal Leonard, the biggest publisher of guitar methods and sheet music.
Blue Skies // Blue Skies
  1. Blue Skies // Blue Skies
  2. Got You On My Mind // Blue Skies
  3. It’s You I Love // Blue Skies
  4. Shot Of Rhythm And Blues // Jordan Officer - Blue Skies
  5. Chains Of Love // Blue Skies
  6. Night Flight // Blue Skies
  7. How Long Blues // Blue Skies
  8. That’s For Me // Blue Skies
  9. Then She Kissed Me // Blue Skies
  10. When The Deal Goes Down // Blue Skies
  11. Takin’ Off // Blue Skies