19 October 2015

Blue Skies : New album

Hal Leonard, the biggest editor of sheet music and music books in the world, has recently included Jordan Officer amongst the greats in Scott Yanow’s publication “The Great Jazz Guitarists, The Ultimate Guide.” Jordan is acclaimed not only for his virtuosity, but also for his unequaled sensitivity and sober elegance. A singer and composer as well, he will be launching his third album BLUE SKIES on November 6th. Since the end of his project with singer Susie Arioli who sings back-up vocals on the track Shot of Rhythm and Blues, Jordan has been pursuing a brilliant solo career, exploring the music of his roots. His album BLUE SKIES presents the sum total of everything that defines this artist, both intellectually and instinctively. According to Jordan, “This album expresses all the shades of all the colours that inhabit my soul. Blues for sure, but also the jazz of my roots, country music, rock’n’roll. My instrument and my voice – nothing is taken for granted. Everything is there. This was not my original plan, but BLUE SKIES is everything that I am. For the first time ever”. A singer and composer as well, he will be launching his his third album BLUE SKIES on November 6th. Savouring the music that has been a part of his life journey since adolescence, Jordan Officer performs nine songs of different authors and different styles who at key times were the soundtrack of his life, and which he now appropriates with his classic Jordan Officer sound. The poignant Blue Skies by Tom Waits, first song and title song, is also the first song that Jordan ever sang with his own guitar accompaniment. Jordan was in high school then. This is followed by masterpieces by Phil Spector (Then She Kissed Me), Bob Dylan (When The Deal Goes Down), Fats Domino (It’s You I Love), Leroy Carr (How Long Blues) and songs popularized by Eric Clapton (Got You On My Mind), Mickey Gilley (Chains Of Love), Dick Haymes (That’s For Me) and The Beatles (Shot of Rhythm And Blues). All significant pieces for this artist who has grown up with these songs and whose musicality now reaches new levels of subtlety and finesse. Finally, two compositions round out the CD, an updated Night Flight, and Takin’ Off, a tribute to the beaches of LA. Takin’ Off, features the keyboard of Texan Augie Meyers, keyboardist of the Sir Douglas Quintet and Texas Tornado, two famous Tex-Mex music groups which have always been a source of inspiration for Jordan. Just as Jordan’s previous album I’M FREE, was the fruit of 6 months of studying and experimentation in New York City, BLUE SKIES, also comes from a far. This time it is on the West Coast where Jordan found his inspiration. In Los Angeles, Jordan met up with Mitch Holder and Dennis Budimir, two great musicians who Jordan has always admired and who played on Phil Spector productions, Beach Boy songs, and hundreds of others. The little Officer family settled into life in LA for the whole month of March 2015. Jordan the musician, always open to new influences, soaked up the slow rhythm and the California energy, and slipped into the magical combination of musical styles (jazz, blues, country, Tex-Mex, Spanish, rock’n’roll, etc.) that now flow through his album. So under the blue sky of the city of angels, city he adores, the Montreal musician began the creation of BLUE SKIES, his third solo album, which he also arranged and produced.


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  1. Maurice Leblanc

    Ce fut une très belle découverte , c’est un album rafraichissant qui m’a fait vibrer au son du blues ,j’ai eu le privilège de voir Jordan en spectacle et d’applaudir ce virtuose de la guitare et de constater le plaisir qu’il a à jouer sur scène et pour nous le plaisir de l’écouter.C’est sans aucun doute un album à écouter et réécouter pour mieux l’appivoiser,Bravo et merci à Jordan de nous faire partager la musique qu’il l’a inspiré.

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Blue Skies // Blue Skies
  1. Blue Skies // Blue Skies
  2. Got You On My Mind // Blue Skies
  3. It’s You I Love // Blue Skies
  4. Shot Of Rhythm And Blues // Jordan Officer - Blue Skies
  5. Chains Of Love // Blue Skies
  6. Night Flight // Blue Skies
  7. How Long Blues // Blue Skies
  8. That’s For Me // Blue Skies
  9. Then She Kissed Me // Blue Skies
  10. When The Deal Goes Down // Blue Skies
  11. Takin’ Off // Blue Skies